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La Sophie for Men

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Fabrics, design and conception 100% made in Quebec.

Polyester: 82%

Rayon: 14%

Lycra: 4%

Rib: 94% cotton, 6% spandex.


Rib finish strips, inverted seams and an adjusted fit. 

Snaps to close.


Wash in cold water and dry flat.


Are your Trolls sports fanatics and you spend your weekends at the arena or at the gym? No problem Brotha, we've got you covered! This Bouga-Coat will keep you warm, and on top of your style game; you'll maybe even get the best compliments in the stands.

*Please take note that this Bough-Coat is only made on demand, is UNISEXE(however slightly sized differently). It may take 1-2 weeks minimum for the creation to be complete.*