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The Quebec on your shoulders

Bougaricci is 100% made in Quebec, from weaving to assembling. The brand gives a job to people from Beauce, Montreal, Valleyfield and delivers to Brazil, New-Zealand, Australia, Norway. Local is international, baby.

Started from the bottom

The happy dude traded his construction career for his sewing machines in order to conquer the world, one wardrobe at a time. He was like this at 7 years old: arrogant.

Zero compromise

Bougaricci revamps the same fabrics as Prada or Givenchy. This is street couture, trash, but we only work with good high-end products made in Quebec. It's zero compromise.

The 3,200-sf boutique-shop, aka "The Shop", often has a burning smell because of the head designer's hyperactivity. That's in downtown Valleyfield that you can get custom-made clothes, getting inspired by Master's unique pieces (and in piling up his few bottles of spirits). Let's go, do it for yourself.