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What is combed cotton?

Basically, it's a softer and higher-quality cotton. We add a step to the fabric design that ensures consistency in the fibers. That's why the black ones stay black and that they are silky.

How do I wash this?

Machine wash, in cold water, but we dry flat. WE DRY FLAT.

Other things to know on your rag?

The fits are adjusted, the seams are inverted, and I always add finish strips to the sleeves and the waist.

And if I don't like it?

We give you a credit note, as long as you wore it less than 204 seconds. You can also visit us at the shop and take shots.

Why are you doing this?

I was tired of buying cheap crap made by children earning 22 cents per hour. Other questions?

What are your plans?

I told you: Local is international, baby.