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Fabrics, design and conception 100% made in Quebec

The brand

When local rag rimes with a garment that fits you like an everlasting winter glove; it's that it's not mass produced by bare-chested Filipinos for De-United States majors.

Craftsman of durability, Master Bougaricci, is giving himself the finger to assemble a quality garment with the dexterity of an axe man. His ARTnarchy is not a sprint, but a print sewn for the marathon of time.


Brace yourself because from now on, the heart of street couture will be Paris, Milan, New York and... Valleyfield. If Coco Chanel and Kanye West had raw sex, their kid would have looked like Master. Although Coco never spent 20 years in the construction field — the Master has. Advantage Bougaricci!